Pursuing a policy of modernizing and technical re-equipment of production is directed not only on the output, adequating to the world standards, but also on decrease of negative affecting of productive pollution on the environment.

So, for example, transition to coloring of details by powdered enamels, mounting of local systems of emissions clearing from welding posts, сhanging of outdated foundry and metal-working equipment on modern and more producible equipment allow not only to improve working conditions of factory workers, but also to reduce pollutions into the atmosphere. Recently much attention is given to extraction from production wastes of secondary material resources and to their involving in economic circulation; to renewal our autopark; and to resources conservation.

In January 2010 the enterprise has got the ecological certification, which conforms the requirements of  STB ISO 14001-2005.

For monitoring of environment state, adoption of operative measures on the forestalling of pollutions Environmental Service is founded at the Factory, which includes a specialized accredited laboratory. These service has the certification of environment management system according to demands of International Organization for Standardization STB ISO/МEК 17025. 

In 2009 RUE works «Mogilevliftmash» has got the certification of  quality management system  (QMS) of engineering, production and maintenance of lifts on a compliance with requirements of standards’ International Organization for Standardization STB ISO 9001-2009 and DIN EN ISO 9001 : 2008 in German system of accreditation.

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