Sharpening device

      Sharpening device is designed for planer knives' sharpening in woodworking machines IE-6009A2.1-02, A4, A4.1, A4.2-02. It is installed into woodworking machine and provides knives' angle sharpening to 40 degrees +/- 2 degrees. It is necessary to use a cup circle cone as a grinding wheel according to GOST 2424-83, with the circle D=125 mm, mounting hole d=32 mm, height H=50 mm, mark EBM28C1 (white electrocorundum with the grain 28, hardness C1, ceramic bunch). The dressing of a grinding wheel is made with a diamond pencil mark 3908-0054 according to GOST 607-80 (length L=54 mm, diameter d=10 mm, type - cylindrical)

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