Fodder shredder IK-1

The fodder shredder – IK 1 is intended for processing grain (wheat, barley, rye), with the help of the contemporary set it becomes possible to process root and stalk-like rich fodder for domestic animals.

The price for fodder shredder – IK 1 does not include the price for the fodder shredder’s stand.



Productivity kg/min          
root 8
grain 3
stalked fodder no ration
Thickness of root chips, mm, not moreThickness of root chips, mm, not more 5
Supply-line voltage, w 220
Rated rotational speed, rpm 2850
Rated power consumption, W 1100
Operation mode long-term, S1
Overall dimensions, mm       
Length 420
width 300
height 540
Unit weight, kg 22