Control system

MLK-LMB elevator control system

MLK-LM is designed for logic-software control of nodes and elevator mechanisms, execution of algorithm work, providing indication, communication and diagnosis of elevator condition.

The area of usage of MLK-NM - elevators with adjustable main drive for administrative, residential, cargo and hospital buildings with machine space (without machine space), with single and group management.


MLK-LM provides CONTROL of AC drive, powered by electric motor from a controlled converter (overspeed control device), passenger elevator with the following characteristics:

- Nominal speed, no more, m/s       2.5;

- "Revision" mode speed, m/s         0.4;

- Number of stops, no more than     64;

-Type of control system: mixed, collective when moving down, with priority call, with key access.

- shaft and cabin doors - automatic horizontally - sliding, semi-automatic (automatic cabin doors and manual shaft doors), manual.

- Cabin door drive is adjustable (for automatic and semi-automatic doors);

-Power chain voltage, variable 50/60 Hz, 380/440 B± 10% or 220/230B ±10%.

The type of protection for GOST 14254-96:

- elevator control device unit - IP20;

- emergency power supply unit- IP20;

- the type of protection of hulls of blocks placed in the shaft - IP30.

Climate type of elevator control units and clusters that are part of MLC-LM according to GOST 15150 - 69 - UHL 4 in the temperature range, °С:

- In the shaft from 1 to 40;

- In the machine room from 5 to 40.


­- State of quantized inputs/outputs;

­- Logical flags of program's operation and their display;

­- Cabin loading sensor by 15%, 50%, 90%, 110%;

­- Parametric cabin loading in kilograms and percentage of the nominal.

­- Emergency cabin lighting is provided for at least 1 hour.


The MLK-LM elevator meets the requirements
GOST P 53780 - 2010, EN 81-20-2014, GOST 33984-2017 additionaly provides:

­- Protection from uncontrolled elevator movement;

­- Leveling, re-leveling.

­- Ensuring the emergency evacuation of passengers in case of a failure of voltage power of the elevator.

Modern design solutions and functionality

MLK-LM is a distributed control system

The elevator control device exchanges information with the control panel, floor controllers, pit panel and mode selection controllers using a sequentially CAN interface.

MLK-LM is also equipped with consecutive interfaces RS-485, PROFIBUS, SSI (RS-422), and ethernet - interface.

The ability to update the software is significantly simplified: it is possible to get a file on the Internet (protected connection) and update the software with a flash drive, which will significantly reduce the cost of warranty services when replacing the software.

Diagnostic messages are displayed on the display of the central controller in the elevator control device not in the usual form of error number, but with a text description of the fault and a recommendation to fix it. The SD card has a log of all the events.

Operational reliability and safety

Ethernet interface allows you to diagnose the elevator to a specialist with a laptop, and if necessary, send diagnostic information by email to the service center for consultations. You don't need to install special software on your laptop.

The presence of consecutive interfaces significantly reduces the number of wired ties, reduces the laboriousness of installation, provides a new level of equipment diagnostics (failure of peripheral equipment will never go unnoticed by control system, because in case of malfunction, the exchange of information will be ceased) is provided by a modern level of technology.

All outputs and inputs of boards are protected from overexertion, short circuit, as well as the input signal of incorrect polarity. There is a load control function connected to a discrete output.

Environmental safety

Printed boards of control system are made by surface-mounting technology (SMT), which causes a reduction in material intensity, the absence of lead in the process.

Energy saving

MLK-LM is equipped with high efficiency power sources, provides "sleep mode" with adjustable power supply.