Air turbine

Ventilation turbines

     Ventilation turbines are used for roofs’ and interiors active ventilation. Using the energy of wind, turbines allow saving a lot of energy. This quality made them wide used for the period of all kind buildings construction. The turbines can be used during the periods of construction and modernization of stockbreeding complexes. The commercial production of ventilation turbines with diameters 300mm and 500mm is put into practice nowadays. These turbines are made of aluminum and covered with powder paint.


      The turbines don’t use electricity, using the natural source of energy – wind. Due to rotation the turbine creates vacuum and blows hot and wet air out. It helps to prolong life times of roofs and interiors and condensate prevention. The head of turbines always rotate in the same line despite of wind’s direction, speed and kind. It creates partial vacuum in а chimney hole and increases air condition and prevents back air draft. The turbines save interiors from overheating caused by hot weather, save interiors from precipitation (snow, rain).

       The rules of turbines’ use.

     The turbines are installed on the highest point of the roof – along the comb board with the interval of 4-5 meters. If the turbines are used for air conditioning of living spaces – the dampers can be used. If the turbines are used for air conditioning of large industrial and stock interiors – it is recommended to use adjusted air inlets to prevent heat losses in winter.